Vote for room names theme

A graphAs is tradition we will be naming the rooms after a theme and took suggestions via our twitter account and this site.

Please visit and choose your favourite, the room names will be named after the most popular theme. Voting closes Thursday evening.


The options you can vote on via are:

  • IT Legends (Gates, Jobs, Berners-Lee etc)
  • Android Releases (Cupcake, Donut, Gingerbread etc)
  • Big Bang Theory (The TV show) – Suggested by @mccallumcharlie
  • Rock, paper, scissors, lizard, spock – Suggested by @egelmex
  • Text Editors (Emacs, vim, Eclipse, TextMate, SublimeText, Notepad++, BBEdit, etc) – Suggested by @abizern
  • Episode names from Look Around You? (Water, Maths, Sodium, Germs, Ghosts, Music, Iron, Brain, etc.) – Suggested by @jonginn
  • Turing Award winners. (Hamming, Knuth, Hoare, Sutherland, Thomson & Ritchie) – Suggested by @RalphCorderoy

Many thanks to everyone who suggested themes.

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