BCBOMO7 schedule

1000 Doors open
1015 Intro talk + build schedule

1045-1130 Session 1
1130-1215 Session 2

1215-1330 lunch

1330-1415 Session 3
1415-1500 Session 4

1500-1515 Break

1515-1600 Session 5
1600-1645 Session 6

1645-1800 Lightning talks + slideshare kareoke

1800 Alpine bar drinking 🙂
(venue reopens to public)


Go go gadget tickets!

Just over a week to go till Bar Camp Bournemouth 7 – there are still a few tickets available on eventbrite

Things you need to know:

  • Doors open 10am
  • Intro talk 1015 – if you’ve never been PLEASE make sure you’re there for then
  • We’ll be using old school post-its to build the schedule – if you already know what your session is, feel free to bring it along and add it to the schedule
  • (Stealing from Adrian at UXBOMO) we’ll also be encouraging people to dot those sessions they intend to attend so we can move to fit them into the spaces available
  • Lunch is provided (Thanks to our sponsors: BCS Dorset, aTech Media and Proactive) – there will be a veggie option, any other dietary requirements (allergies etc) please drop the organisers a note ASAP via twitter or email
  • The last session of the day will be lightning talks
  • The venue will be open to the public from 6 but is exclusive to us until then, we’ll continue with karaoke powerpoint etc after 6 in one of the spaces
  • We have some budget to provide free drinks (thanks again sponsors!), when would you like that? through the day, lunchtime, end of the day?

Any questions – leave in the comments and we’ll get back to you ASAP!


New venue – The Orange Rooms Bournemouth

We’ve updated our FAQ to reflect the new venue, with a map and stuff.

The Orange Rooms is a very short walk from Bournemouth Station, there’s a car park just round the corner and it’s on most of the bus routes through Bournemouth & Poole.


We’ll have all three floors, with 5 areas on the schedule and break out space in booths and outside on the ground floor:

The Welcome Lounge

  • Space for all attendees to mill around and 20-30 seated around the main screen
  • Large TV screen
  • Bar 🙂
  • The schedule & registration area

The Alpine Lodge

  • holds around 30 seated
  • projector
  • life size polar bear*

The Bunker

  • Lots of bean bag seating
  • Projector
  • holds 40-50 seated

Orange Breakout

  • holds 10 people
  • no screen but good for discussion type sessions around a laptop

Bunker breakout

  • holds 15 people
  • no screen but good for discussion type sessions around a laptop

There is Wifi (social account log on) throughout, although it wasn’t as strong in the Bunker – good phone signal on ground and upper floors if you need to set up a hot spot.

We’ve almost secured a second sponsor to provide lunch (hurrah!) but would love to hear from anyone who’s happy to help out (a tea/coffee/bar sponsor could be nice…)

Tickets released on Wednesday 18th March – hope to see you on April 18th!

*well, maybe not lifesized but pretty big