past bar camps

BarCamp Bournemouth 4

BarCamp Bournemouth 4 came back again in 2012 with an aim of making the event bigger and better than before. With all tickets gone the weekend started strong with the timetable filling up quickly.

This year’s event raised the bar on quality with a plethora of interesting, thought-provoking and fresh ideas. Both veterans and newbies alike raised topics penetration testing, the development of Formula 1 cars, how piracy fuels resilience, getting a job and not forgetting a strong presence from the design community’s greatest minds discussing web, fonts and learning tools for web development.

The new kid this year though was the Hackspace. This little bundle established itself early in the weekend as a great laboratory of unstoppable force connecting digital minds and machines in a patchwork of systems and protocols that Mary Shelley would have been proud of. Pushing right through the night and into the Sunday, Hackspace presented its “contraptlications” to bring the event to a close with Syd and Adam walking away with this year’s box of hacking goodies.

The legacy of BarCamp in Bournemouth has grown larger and the standard grown to a new high. As 2013 looms the question stands – what do you think we’ll see next year?

  • Personal live video feeds to the web as social media takes a step too far?
  • Your fridge and cooker begin talking over network as your home becomes sentient?
  • Programming be taught in primary schools and the death of traditional education?
  • Birthday cake at BarCamp Bournemouth 5?!
past bar camps

BarCamp Bournemouth 3

BarCamp 3 saw attendees from all over the country talking about a range of topics from hacking a print queue to play mp3’s and other hacks to what’s Minecraft and everything in Between. Luke ran the the failure swap shop which was a great success with everyone swapping stories and what they learned from them. A session that everyone thoroughly enjoyed.

My fondest memory was at the end of the first night after a few drinks in town a few of us came back and spent most of the night building a huge scale flying pig in Minecraft and that’s what a BarCamp is about. Learning new things, having discussions, having fun and just doing stuff for no reason but the enjoyment.

past bar camps

BarCamp Bournemouth 2

After enjoying BarCamp Bournemouth 1 I decided to help organise BarCamp Bournemouth 2 and have been helping ever since. Without the driving force from the original BarCamp Bournemouth (Mark Ng) who had moved to the US it made us a little nervous and there was a lot to work out but was well worth it and BCBomo2 was a sucess.

The venue (Bournemouth University) was once again the perfect venue and the student union provided excellent food and refreshments. The sessions were excellent with topics such as tips on how to harness creativity, innovation, tips for design and for a bit of fun some group chat roulette, there was even a topic entitled “How to roll a turd in glitter”.

My presentation this year was on better web coding and it went reasonable well despite a having a small audience and some people leaving before the end but I enjoyed it.

A good weekend was had by all particularly the debates in the bar about the digital economy act, which had just become law that week.

A discussion at Barcamp Bournemouth 2How to role a turd in glitter! talk at Barcamp Bournemouth 2

A talk at Barcamp Bournemouth 2Attendees enjoying food at Barcamp Bournemouth 2