Play with the Gamepad API and more at the Mozilla Hackspace

This is a guest post by Rob Hawkes, a Technical Evangelist at Mozilla. Rob lives and works in Bournemouth and also studied for 3 years at Bournemouth University.

This Saturday the Mozilla Developer Network (MDN) are proud to be sponsoring the new hackspace at BarCamp Bournemouth. Mozilla believes in a Web that is hackable so it was logical to help support the BarCamp when I heard that there was going to be a space for hacking this year. Anything that encourages people to break things down and learn how they work is good in my book.

I hold a special place in my heart for the local BarCamp and I’m really happy to help support it this year. Not too long ago it was the place where I did my first ever bit of public speaking. It’s a great opportunity for anyone to come along and talk about what they love.

The MDN hackspace will be open all day Saturday and anyone is free to come along and hack on any projects that they’re already working on or want to start during the weekend. You’ll get extra kudos if you hack on a Web-based project.

Gamepad API

At Mozilla we’re placing a big focus on game development on the Web with technologies like JavaScript. This is my area of focus at Mozilla and because of this I’ll be bringing along 6 Logitech F510 gamepads for you to play with so you can hack around with the new Gamepad API in Firefox and Chrome. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to use the Gamepad API yet, I’ll be putting on a talk in the hackspace at the beginning of the day to show everyone how to use it. I’ll also be hanging around the whole day to help anyone with questions about it.

Stack of gamepads

Boot to Gecko

You may have heard about Mozilla’s latest project, Boot to Gecko. This is our vision of a new mobile platform that is built around open Web technologies like JavaScript. It’s still early days but I’ll make sure to bring along a demo for people to see in the hackspace if they’re interested. It’s quite exciting to see the future of mobile.

See you there!

I’m excited to attend this year and I’m looking forward to hanging around in the hackspace and seeing all the projects that people are working on.

See you on Saturday!