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2016 – we were on a break!

The team have decided that we’re taking a break for 2016, bar camp bournemouth 8 will be back in 2017.

Amongst the core organisers*:

1 is moving house
1 is swanning around the world, in a sort of dev “catch me if you can” kinda way
2 of them are involved with organising other large events this year
1 claims to have won £33 million on the lottery

(*one of these might not be true)

We will be back in 2017, in the mean time we highly recommend you check out all of our friends that run events locally

till next time… take care of yourselves, and each other


bar camp bournemouth 7

A huge thank you to everyone that came along to bar camp bournemouth 7 – the Orange rooms proved to be an interesting change with much more character to the rooms… even if it meant some tweaks to make it work for talks (and thanks for lending us projectors folks!).

We reverted to post-its for this years schedule… nothing to do with being rick-rolled on it in previous years, promise…


There’s a great general round-up from Jon, a post from one of our sponsors (thanks!) Paul on his marshmallow challenge… and ummm… Nicholas Cage joined us… sort of.

If you have a blog post about #BCBOMO7 do let us know in the comments below.

BCBOMO7 schedule

1000 Doors open
1015 Intro talk + build schedule

1045-1130 Session 1
1130-1215 Session 2

1215-1330 lunch

1330-1415 Session 3
1415-1500 Session 4

1500-1515 Break

1515-1600 Session 5
1600-1645 Session 6

1645-1800 Lightning talks + slideshare kareoke

1800 Alpine bar drinking :-)
(venue reopens to public)